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Tell me more link in vote pledge page doesn't redirect to specified slug

We have received reports of issues when clicking on the "Tell me more" link next to the Unsure option in the Vote Pledge page type. Additionally, the blurb does not function. 

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The "Tell me more" link next to the Unsure option in the Vote Pledge page is intended to redirect to the homepage. If you would like to change this link, you can edit your page level template by going to the Vote Pledge page > Template > Create a custom template. By default the line of code that would need to be changed is on line 73. If you replace "{{ site.full_url}}" with the URL that you would like the user to go to.

For example, you could create a dedicated page for the specific Vote Pledge page that has more information about that specific candidate you are pledging to. You would then use the URL for the dedicated page as the "Tell me more" link. 

The blurb on the Vote Pledge page is intended to be the paragraph text that shows up once the user clicks "I might" or "Unsure". Once they save their pledge, they will be redirected to the page designated by the setting (in the Vote Pledge settings) called "What page should they land on next?". 

If you are running into any further problems, please send us an email at

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