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Democracy in Action: Australia and New Zealand 2023 Elections

December 06, 2023
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October 14th, 2023 was a historical day in New Zealand and Australia where voters came out to cast their ballot in the General Election and the Indigenous Voice to Parliament Referendum. Our customers used NationBuilder, to build relationships, mobilize and amplify voters, engage constituents on the issues they care most about and fundraise to support their missions. 

From Political Parties to Conservation and Climate Action groups, Refugee Rights advocates, Faith-based organizations, and Indigenous Rights leaders, a diverse array of voices uplifted advocacy, becoming champions for change with tangible action. Our team supported these organisations to equip them in driving impactful voter engagement campaigns, utilizing diverse communication channels such as email, door-to-door canvassing, and phone outreach.

“As an Account Manager in the lead-up to the Voice Referendum, it was incredible to observe customers mobilizing their supporters to passionately advocate for what they believed in while engaging in a cause larger than their individual missions." 

- Ella Nugraha, NationBuilder Enterprise Account Manager

Amidst the multitude of strategies deployed during these elections, a particularly compelling narrative emerged—the need for a diverse array of digital advocacy tools to enable organisations to distribute leadership to their supporters. Picture this: websites breathing life into missions, rallying participation and donations, while CRM and CMS systems dynamically integrate—an inspiring campaign ecosystem in action. Through this strategic approach, leaders during the New Zealand General Elections and the Australian Indigenous Voice to Parliament Referendum collectively organized and mobilized over 11K passionate supporters. 

When it came to communication, personalized outreach emerged as the hero, with leaders across these campaigns achieving an impressive average of a 29.69% open rate through email communication that activated a vast demographic of voters. Supporters didn't merely listen; they powered movements by signing an extraordinary 199,075 petitions to drive advocacy forward for the New Zealand General Election and the Australian Referendum. Additionally, leaders collected 13,016 events RSVPs in the New Zealand General Election and 116,569 event RSVPs from organizations and leaders in the Australian Indigenous Voice to Parliament Referendum, underscoring the profound impact that grassroots mobilization has on bridging the gap between online and offline initiatives.

We saw fundraising stand as the fuel that propels initiatives, enabling candidates and causes to reach more people and with greater impact. Our customers, the driving force behind these movements, demonstrated an incredible commitment to this fundamental aspect of democracy. Campaigns in the New Zealand General Election raised over $3.5 Million NZD and those in the Australian Referendum raised $57 Million AUD. This financial backbone was more than just a number; it represented trust, belief, and support from a community deeply invested in shaping the future of their nations.

“NationBuilder exists to make it possible for any person, party, or organisation to lead their people to build a world they believe in and want to see. That’s the heart of democracy a practice that only works effectively with the mutual understanding and participation of an entire community, organisation or nation. And that’s what we witnessed in this election where NationBuilder was utilised by every major party across the country. Playing a small role in facilitating democratic participation at a national level is always deeply meaningful and rewarding.”

- Irene Pang Lee, Sr. Director, International Sales

As we celebrate the impact of our customers, we also recognize the broader impact on democracy, where technology and collective action shape a more vibrant and representative political landscape.

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