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Revolutionize Political Organizing for Your State Party

For numerous democratic political campaigns and organizations, managing systems and workflows often proves disjointed and chaotic. Explore a relational organizing tool designed to solve that problem.

February 27, 2024
5 min read

NationBuilder has been the all-in-one answer for many political organizations who are facing difficult digital organizing questions...

  • How do I organize all of my supporters, volunteers, and donors?
  • How do I get more traction and voter engagement from my website?
  • How do I effectively collaborate with my supporters?
  • How do I mobilize leaders to action in my community?

Without the right digital organizing tools, these questions are daunting. NationBuilder is an integrated platform that puts civic engagement in the spotlight of campaign management and equips political campaigns for relational organizing. For those who don’t use it, systems and workflows can feel disconnected and can be messy.

“I know NationBuilder will keep evolving and we're going to keep evolving—so we're going to evolve together.”

- NCGOP, Digital Director


Harness the power of a CRM

The People section of NationBuilder is a customer relationship management (CRM) database that can hold information about each of your supporters - your contact information, location, voter history, attendance at in-person and online events, peer texting, email, and social media outreach along with all the outreach that has been sent to them, individually.

When all of your supporters are added to your database, it’s key to know who is actually in there. NationBuilder’s CRM assists in organizing and managing volunteers by providing tools for recruitment, task assignment, and tracking volunteer engagement. These insights can streamline your grassroots efforts and empower volunteer contribution initiatives.

NationBuilder offers multiple ways to segment and understand your data through employing recruiter IDs filters, lists, and tags. By utilizing these functionalities, your organization efficiently segments your data, equips your outreach strategy with targeted communication and discovers a deeper understanding of your supporter demographic for more effective outreach. For example, phone banking is crucial for political campaigns as it allows organizations to maintain a comprehensive database of supporter information, including things like contact details, voter history, and event attendance.


Engage Supporters with Action-Oriented Campaigns

The Website function of NationBuilder is full of action-oriented themes that draw in new supporters with each visit that comes from your organizing efforts by using action pages and other user-generated content. By creating action pages on your NationBuilder website, your political party can generate voter registration, canvassing participation, petition signatures, volunteer sign ups, recruitment to social media platforms, RSVPs for in-person and virtual events, and more. In doing so, you are providing ways for a website visitor to interact with your organization and encouraging them to become more involved.

At NationBuilder, we understand that the cornerstone of effective political engagement lies in the secure handling of data and strict adherence to regulatory standards. That's why we prioritize data security and compliance, ensuring that state parties can confidently manage sensitive information while meeting relevant regulations.

From tailoring follow-up actions based on website interactions to empowering leaders with partnership initiatives, our platform is built to meet the unique needs of modern political campaigns. With seamless enrollment into email automations, personalized guidance along specific paths, and dynamic journeys for advanced personalization, NationBuilder provides limitless customization options to empower your website, giving you the edge in connecting with your audience and achieving your campaign goals.


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Effectively Streamline & Target Your Outreach

The Communications section of NationBuilder provides robust communication tools, including email and texting campaigns, newsletters, and targeted outreach. This enables state parties and elected officials to keep supporters informed, mobilize them for events, and encourage stakeholder participation in various activities through email and text message outreach.

Enhance engagement within your community by incorporating compelling calls-to-action in your email and text message blasts. Once supporters take action, capitalize on the power of NationBuilder automations feature to streamline and personalize your electorate communication strategy.

Express gratitude with tailored thank-you messages and never overlook a moment by automating repetitive tasks, segmenting your supporters based on their interactions, and crafting personalized workflows. This ensures that your constituents consistently feel valued and connected, fostering a dynamic and responsive community within your relational organizing efforts.


Maximize Your Donation Efforts

The Fundraising suite of NationBuilder is a powerful tool for state parties looking to maximize fundraising efforts. Effective fundraising is essential for powering your campaign and with NationBuilder's comprehensive suite of fundraising tools, you can streamline your efforts, engage supporters, and achieve your fundraising goals with confidence.

Whether you're running a local campaign or gearing up for a statewide election, these robust digital features help you organize your donor data, boost engagement on your fundraising pages, and effectively communicate with your supporters to drive contributions.

From customizable donation pages to peer-to-peer fundraising, your team will be ready to create compelling fundraising campaigns that resonate with your supporters, with built-in analytics and A/B testing capabilities to continuously optimize your efforts.

Take advantage of NationBuilder’s built-in payment processor and seamless integration with your existing supporter database. This empowers your team’s easy tracking of donation history, metrics of giving patterns, and segmentation of your donor base for dynamic data management and targeted outreach.


Inspire Civic Engagement with ActionButton

The Advocacy tool, ActionButton, dynamically integrates with NationBuilder to raise awareness and equip lasting change on the causes that matter most. Whether rallying for critical policy changes, legislative outreach, or fundraising, ActionButton puts the power of action in your electorate’s hands.

Easily share buttons across social media platforms, embed them on your website, or distribute links via text message to spark community action. Forge stronger connections with your community through dynamic features like sentiment polls, opinion, dials, and quizzes. With this data you gain invaluable insights into supporter preferences, enabling targeted outreach and voter engagement strategies.

For a state party, the legislative advocacy buttons offered by ActionButton can serve as powerful tools for campaigns to influence policy and engage constituents. With options to contact specific leaders with a custom email target button, create petitions, and gather public opinions, state parties can effectively mobilize supporters to advocate for specific legislative initiatives. Plus, with ActionButton's user-friendly webpage templates, crafting impact becomes a breeze, equipping your team with seamless execution from start to finish.

In today's competitive political landscape, effective digital tools are essential for powering your state party and advancing your mission. When working towards an election goal, NationBuilder is there to help you organize your data, increase engagement on your website, and assists you in communicating with your supporters and moving them to take action. Learn more about how your state party can take advantage of the all-in-one relational organizing software by joining a live demo with the NationBuilder team.

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