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Build the future with NationBuilder Enterprise Account Managers

The enterprise account management team are experts across the advocacy, political and nonprofit industries. This team helps our customers create the change they want to see in the world using NationBuilder software. 

December 27, 2022
1 min read

You’re busy, let us handle the software

Our customers are faced with creating world class fundraising campaigns, winning elections, helping develop their communities and NationBuilder’s software provides the technological infrastructure required for this work–the work of leaders.

The best way we can offer support to the leaders who are looking for more support and less technology is by offering one-on-one access to the industry experts in this domain to be able to leverage our tools to its fullest potential! 

Collaboration is Key

Our EAMs come to the NationBuilder team with backgrounds in organizing campaigns, advocating for causes, running nonprofits and even as NationBuilder customers themselves! They understand what it takes to build movements and have the best insight to help you engage your supporters and move them to action. 

Beyond our EAM’s personal experiences, they also possess an expertise that can bring you to the right tools at the right time. Whether you’re focused on fundraising, volunteer recruitment, hosting events, leveraging your supporters to widen your community- our EAMs are dedicated to help you become a NationBuilder expert along the way.

Meet the Tour Guides of NationBuilder's Software

Our Enterprise Account Managers (EAMs) are dedicated NationBuilder representatives to our Enterprise customers. They offer an array of knowledge and experience that supports you at the very beginning stages like setting up your nation’s email deliverability strategy or starting your first volunteer sign up page. For our more experienced customers, our EAMs are readily available to strategize on unique approaches to campaigns and how to leverage your data to go deeper with your supporters!

“Every EAM on this team has been on your side of the table. Whether we’ve been with NationBuilder or another product- we’ve all worked trying to manage data, communicate with our supporters, and organize people. We can empathize with the frustration points of needing to build the car while driving it.” 



Like all good infrastructure, our product takes time and effort to learn and implement to its fullest potential. To do that we have an amazing team of Enterprise Account Managers that are here to help you every step of the way.

Are you ready to work with a strategic partner today? Our enterprise account management team is excited to work with you.

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