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NationBuilder levels the playing field for those who are called to lead by making powerful organizing tools available to all. We want to help more leaders—and better leaders—find, engage, and serve their communities around the world.

Though our customers and their successes span the political spectrum, we’d like to spotlight recent stories of American politicians who’ve had big wins, and surprising wins, under Democrat and progressive banners. These customers made the bold move to buck the conventional process and build their campaigns from scratch on NationBuilder—keeping their data separate from the party and owned by them alone.

We hope you find their stories as inspiring as we do.



James Thompson nearly flips Kansas’ 4th District

A progressive Kansas Democrat gave a traditionally red district a run for its money in a recent special election for Congress—and he did it largely without party backing.



That time a Cambridge progressive beat a 24-year incumbent

With progressive endorsements, nimble fundraising, and grassroots appeal, Mike Connolly went from “No Money Mike” to standout congressional representative in 2016.

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