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NationBuilder Developer

Build and Distribute Apps and Integrations to the NationBuilder Community

Certified NationBuilder Developers are freelancers and agencies from around the world available for hire to build custom apps on the NationBuilder API for our customers. 

Get certified to gain access to the NationBuilder API, receive free referrals to work on projects that really matter and ability to list NationBuilder apps and integrations in the App Marketplace. 

Why become a certified developer?

Get full API access as a certified developer

Get full access to NationBuilders API and build out repeatable custom functionality for NationBuilder customers.

Receive referrals & list an App for sale

When certified, connect with partners by setting up your profile in the partner directory, joining our Partner Matching service and listing an app or integration in the app marketplace.

Access the NationBuilder Partner Portal

Developer partners will gain access to the NationBuilder Partner portal, where you will be able to receive access to resources and share best practice.

Join the partner ecosystem Slack  space

Join the NationBuilder party ecosystem slack, to connect with other partners for crowdsourcing solutions, advance access to new features and a dedicated developers channel. 

Become a Developer

Join hundreds of certified NationBuilder Partners; sign up today to receive more information about the developer certification process and being your journey to become certified. 

Become a partner

Partner testimonials

Trusted by partners across the globe.

5 stars

Our clients often have trouble creating a digital presence that connects their mission to their audience and donor base. Combining a web platform, communication tool, and people database in one platform, NationBuilder really shines when you’re rallying a community around your organization and work.

Ed Wisnewski

Radish lab

5 stars

“We’ve believed in NationBuilder since its beginning: we built our entire business model around it, based our innovative growth strategy on it, became Alliance Partners and alpha- and beta-testers of its new features, and brought in 30 new clients in a single year last year.”

Tyler Johnson & Jeff Slater

Founders, Progressive Nation

5 stars

“Our partnership with NationBuilder is central to our work as a digital campaign agency. We collaborate with their team daily — to help new non-profits launch their first website, develop advanced organizing systems for major campaigns, and everything in between. We really appreciate NationBuilder’s openness, adaptability, and commitment to fostering long-term, productive relationships with its clients and partners.”

Rhys Forsyth

Operations Director, Code Nation


Dive into the API documentation to learn how your application can communicate with NationBuilder functionality. The API Explorer is a great place to experiment. The developer forum is a great place for help, hints and questions.

These exercises are meant to show that you have a working knowledge of both API's in general and the NationBuilder API specifically.

please send over a small code sample that outlines how you might use our API to achieve one or more of the following:

  • API Endpoint: Events
    • Create an event
    • Make a form that allows others to update that event
  • API Endpoint: People
    • Create a person
    • Update the person
    • Delete the person
  • API Endpoint: Sites + People
    • Create a site with 3 basic pages
    • Make a form that creates people
    • Display the people on the basic pages
  • API Endpoint: Surveys + Contact
    • Create a survey
    • Log a contact when someone answers a survey question


  • Listing in our Partner Directory, where you can advertise your work to thousands of existing NationBuilder customers
  • Ability to sell apps and integrations via the NationBuilder App Directory
  • Ability to sign up for the NationBuilder Professional Matching Service
  • Access to Partner Portal which includes a number of free resources, including training
  • Co-marketing and joint sales opportunities
  • Access to exclusive Slack community for ecosystem partners (including a dedicated developer channel)
  • Early access to beta features and product roadmap insights
  • Ability to enter into commercial partnerships such as Solutions Program and Alliance Program

As a NationBuilder Partner you can gain access to our Partner Directory, meaning you can build out your own profile, advertising your work and listing out projects and case studies you’ve built in the past. This gives you exposure to thousands of existing NationBuilder customers who will be able to search based on the criteria that they need. 

In order to set up your partner profile, just log in to the partner portal and update your settings via the image in the top right hand corner. 

The NationBuilderPartner Matching Service, powered by 99 Designs, is a service to help NationBuilder customers looking for certified professionals to help with their technical or strategic use of NationBuilder, and get connected with certified NationBuilder partners. Just fill out a simple form to tell us what you need and you’ll get introduced to professionals. For more information and to get started, click here.

The NationBuilder App and Integration directory, lists certified apps that help to supercharge customers use of NationBuilder. From mobile canvassing apps to financial reporting and beyond, NationBuilder integrations allow organizations to take their nation to the next level. If you’ve built out an app or integration that you’d like to list to thousands of NationBuilder customers, then let us know by emailing [email protected] and we’d be happy to discuss adding it.

Experts: Support Customers day to day use of NationBuilder as a super user

Architects: Build custom websites and themes for multiple NationBuilder customers