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All the power of NationBuilder for just $2 a day

This is an exclusive opportunity for political campaigns everywhere to access our new Run for Office plan, a six-month subscription to our fully integrated campaign software for just $365.

Start a trial today to boot up:

  • Grassroots fundraising and payment processing
  • Event and volunteer management
  • GOTV check registration flows (US only)
  • Field efforts with up to 10,000 contacts and 100,000 registered voters
  • And much more!

Start a free trial

Everything you need

Software (and people) that understand political campaigns

The Run for Office plan includes all the tools campaigns need to contact voters, build relationships with volunteers, and raise funds.

Connect with your voters on and offline

Software designed to capture your engagement with supporters and voters, everywhere it happens.

Keep your field efforts connected

All the information and tools you need to talk to the right people at the right time.

Raise more for your campaign

Fundraising features optimized to turn your donors into grassroots fundraisers.

Save time, unlock growth, and increase your impact with an all-in-one system

GOTV actions

Engage supporters with voter registration checks, sentiment polls, quizzes, and more with ActionButton.

Dynamic people database

Import your voter file, email list, and donors – all to a database with powerful filtering and seamless integration with your website.

Payment processing and fundraising

Raise money on your website and cultivate recurring grassroots donors.

Hosted action website

Create campaign-ready pages like drive petitions, events, volunteer signup, donation pages and more.

Email and text outreach

Inform your supporters and move them to action with targeted, personalized communication.