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commented on Imports API
This is a great facility to have.

1. A list / table of supported fields to file columns would be handy to have documented in toto. (e.g. mailing_address.address1). I get that this is related back to the structure of the People API in this case but the information directly accessible here would be handy.

2. it’s not apparent how array / sequence information is handled. For instance, does the Tags feature work in this import API or does that require subsequent calls to the People API instead?

3. Does this support merging with existing records or only additions (I expect so but let’s clarify)? Such as supplying the Person ID value with the new information. e.g.


would update Person 11 First Name value to “Jimmy”

4. How are collisions and rejections dealt with and discovered. For instance, I attempt to import a Person (existing or new, doesn’t matter) and the email address is already present and in use on another person. How do I know that record fundamentally was rejected?
posted 2014-01-17 10:13:56 -0800