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Make the Most of NationBuilder for your State Party

For many political organizations, systems and workflows can be disconnected and messy. NationBuilder solves that problem.

October 05, 2022
3 min read

NationBuilder has been the all-in-one answer for many political organizations who are facing difficult organizational questions. . . 

  • How do I organize all of my supporters, volunteers, and donors?
  • How do I get more traction and engagement on my website?
  • How do I effectively communicate to my supporters?

Without NationBuilder, these questions are daunting. NationBuilder is an integrated platform that puts people as the center focus. For those who don’t use it, systems and workflows can be disconnected and messy. Scale your impact with our all-in-one platform that includes tools for fundraising, website, communication, supporter management, and more.

“I know NationBuilder will keep evolving and we're going to keep evolving—so we're going to evolve together.”

- NCGOP, 2019 Digital Director


Put your people at the center.

The People section of NationBuilder is a customer relationship management (CRM) database that can hold information about each of your supporters - their contact information, location, voting history, and all the contacts that have been logged to them during outreach. When all of your supporters are added to the NationBuilder database, it’s key to know who is actually in there. NationBuilder offers multiple ways to segment and understand your data through recruiter IDs filters, lists, and tags. By utilizing these functionalities, your organization will be able to not just better understand its growth, but also communicate effectively with these segments.


Activate your online presence. 

The Website function of NationBuilder is is action-oriented drawing in new supporters with each visit by using action pages and other user-generated content. By creating action pages on your NationBuilder website, you can generate pledges to vote, petition signatures, volunteer sign ups, RSVPs for an event, and more. In doing so, you are providing ways for a website visitor to interact with your organization and encouraging them to become more involved.

Quick Tip: Once your NationBuilder action pages are live, you can then share them on social media to capture a new pool of supporters. 


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NationBuilder powers nonprofits, movements, and campaigns as they build the future. Scale your impact with our all-in-one platform that includes tools for fundraising, website, communication, supporter management, and more.

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Effectively communicate with your supporters.  

The Communications section of NationBuilder provides robust communication tools, including email and texting campaigns, newsletters, and targeted outreach. This enables state parties and elected officials to keep supporters informed, mobilize them for events, and encourage stakeholder participation in various activities through email and text message outreach.

  • When sending email blasts to supporters, it’s important to focus on your email reputation and deliverability. Supporters should be communicated to frequently with updates and newsletters so they feel involved in your organization. By diversifying the types of email blasts you send, your supporters are more likely to open and engage with them.
  • When sending text blasts to supporters, it’s important to understand who has opted in to receiving communications from your organization. Similar to email, you want to text often and focus on diversifying your messages.

Quick Tip: Incorporate call-to-action items in your email blasts and text blasts to increase engagement in your nation.


Explore your fundraising potential.

The Fundraising suite of NationBuilder is a powerful tool for state parties looking to maximize their fundraising efforts. Effective fundraising is essential for powering your campaign and with NationBuilder's comprehensive suite of fundraising tools, you can streamline your efforts, engage supporters, and achieve your fundraising goals with confidence.



In today's competitive political landscape, effective digital tools are essential for powering your campaign and advancing your party's mission. When working towards an election goal, NationBuilder is there to help you organize your data, increase engagement on your website, and assists you in communicating with your supporters and moving them to take action. Learn more about how your state party can take advantage of the all-in-one relational organizing software by joining a live demo with the NationBuilder team.

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