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Mobilising thousands: How Best for Britain amplified voter voices

Technology can empower individuals to influence government policies and foster ongoing dialogue. Discover a story of change, advocacy, and the transformative power of ActionButton + NationBuilder

The Challenge: An Unprecedented Voter ID Shift

In the heart of democracy, change is constant. The United Kingdom witnessed a groundbreaking shift - the introduction of voter ID requirements, a first for voters in Great Britain. This policy change raised concerns and left many politically-aware citizens baffled. 

This was a dramatic shift, as no form of identification had ever been required before. The move raised concerns about voter turnout, the potential for unpredictable outcomes, and whether it was truly necessary. Recognising the need to capture personal experiences of voters and those turned away from polling stations, an initiative emerged.

"Since 2014, only 14 people have been convicted of voter fraud at polling stations; their idea was to use a sledgehammer to crack a nut. It was totally unnecessary." - Cary Mitchell, B4B Director of Operations

More than 14,000 people were recorded as losing their right to vote in May because they did not have the correct photo ID.

The Solution: ActionButton Meets NationBuilder

Best for Britain, a leading voice addressing the sudden change, initiated a grassroots lobbying campaign named "Voter ID: Tell the Government What You Think." The campaign needed to act swiftly to mobilize supporters, share critical information, and provide simple access for voters to express their feedback. ActionButton facilitated all of this with impressive speed and efficiency.

The campaign reached its audience through multiple channels, embedding the ActionButton on their NationBuilder website, emailing their extensive list of supporters, and promoting it via social media. The ActionButton allowed supporters to share their experiences and concerns with ease as over 3,000 people immediately embraced the tool.

The Impact: Amplifying 3,000+ Voter Voices

The response was remarkable. A government minister responded back, acknowledging the overwhelming emails from Best for Britain supporters. Their response extended beyond the organisation; it was a direct acknowledgment of individual citizens who took action. This led to a pivotal commitment by the government to reassess the required types of ID at polling stations. Finally, this success paved the way for an ongoing and previously inaccessible dialogue with the government department.

“Having the two tools, ActionButton and NationBuilder, working together, made it so easy.” - Cary Mitchell, B4B Director of Operations

ActionButton's simplicity and interactivity promotes higher user engagement, and NationBuilder's capabilities help manage and nurture these relationships over the long term. The integration allows the data collected through the ActionButton campaigns to flow seamlessly into Best for Britain’s NationBuilder database. This ensures that every interaction with their supporters is recorded and can be used for future outreach.

And that’s just what they did. The power of NationBuilder's automated tagging allows Best for Britain to precisely target and engage with this specific audience.  They have effectively shared the government's response with those who had taken action, showing them that their participation had an impact and that their voices mattered.

“This was the first big occasion that we’ve used ActionButton and now there are lots of things that we can think about where we might use it because clearly, it does work” - Cal Roscow, B4B Director of Development

The success of the "Voter ID: Tell the Government What You Think" campaign showcases how technology can equip individuals to influence government policies and foster ongoing dialogue.

Join Best for Britain and thousands of impactful leaders using NationBuilder everyday to create the change they want to see in the world. Experience the transformative impact of the advocacy duo NationBuilder + ActionButton by connecting with the team at a Live Demo

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