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As a member of the Product team and a long-time user, the NationBuilder Network launch excited me. To support the launch, Janice Kim and I put together a new section of documentation. 

The NationBuilder Network documentation section is structured from top to bottom in the order a new network could be created. Whether your distributed organization purchases an implementation package and works with the Services team to create your network infrastructure, or you decide to use internal resources, the section gives you an overview of the steps involved.

Functionally, there are two types of nations within a network: the headquarters nation and networked nations. HQ can share custom field architecture, share website and email themes, share website content, export data to measure network reach, and negotiate the cost / subsidize networked nations. Across the network, nations can share data, including data in custom fields.

Six brand new HOWTOs were created:

1. How to set up your network provides an overview of the entire process.

2. The set up network headquarters HOWTO explains the unique opportunities involved in setting up HQ.  

3. Understand the questions that should be answered prior to implementation with the decision roadmap for implementing NationBuilder Network

4. Learn how headquarters can share custom field architecture with all networked nations. 

5. Learn how setting up networked nations is different from setting up an independent nation. 

6. Understand how headquarters can export data to measure network reach

We also launched NetworkCare, optional premium support for NationBuilder Network customers. 

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