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5 ways to use our new Custom Email Target button

The latest, exciting addition to our ActionButton add-on, the Custom Email Target Button, is now available!  🎉

March 30, 2023
1 min read

Are you using the ActionButton add-on? Supercharge your nation with easy-to-share quizzes, polls, petitions, and more.

With this new button, you can mobilize your supporters to email a specific decision-maker, regardless of their geolocation. Identify a target that has a publicly available email address and simply enter it in the settings of the button, upload their photo, and encourage your audience to send them a message!

To get you thinking about how this new button can take your advocacy strategy to the next level and help you achieve your organization's goals, here are some examples of targets and asks for this new button type: 



Get your supporters to email a company, encouraging them to share their stories and how a specific project affects their lives.


Message a national or global institution to demand new policies, initiatives, and/or funding that will help advance your cause. 

 Local representatives

Send an email to a local representative such as a mayor or a city council member to achieve your campaign's goals and make the voices of residents heard. 

 Members of government

President, Minister, Governor or any other public official – identify the member of government that has the power to make policy decisions or allocate resources that can directly impact the issue you are working on. 

 Political candidates 

A strategic way for advocacy campaigns to push for change is to urge a political candidate to include a topic in their policy agenda and shape future policy. Mobilize your supporters, aka their potential electors, to add pressure.


So... who will your first target be? Set up your button in just a few clicks and innovate with your campaign strategy today!

The Custom Email Target button is included in ActionButton plans that have access to legislative advocacy features. 


Flore Blondel-Goupil

Flore Blondel-Goupil

Senior Product Marketing Manager based in Marseille, France

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