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Privacy & Security

Put privacy and security at the center of your work to earn your supporters’ trust and build meaningful relationships

Frequently asked questions

  • Over recent years, expectations regarding the handling of personal data by organisations have increased, and as such, countries and regions across the world have introduced and updated laws to ensure the protection of citizens’ personal data. The European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is a leading regulatory framework in the area of privacy and there is similar legislation across the globe including CCPA (California), CDPA (Virginia), PoPI (South Africa), Privacy Act (New Zealand), and LGPD (Brazil) to name just a few, with many more to come.

    As well as being a legal necessity in many countries, we also believe that advanced privacy––respecting granular consent and the tools that we offer to help manage that––paves the way for smarter campaigning and more effective strategies for engaging with communities and building meaningful relationships.

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