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Training includes all of the Fundamentals modules.


+ upfront flat rate T&E

5 hours


Training includes the Fundamentals + 1 additional module.


+ upfront flat rate T&E



Training includes the Fundamentals + 5 additional modules.


+ upfront flat rate T&E


NationBuilder fundamentals

This four-module course introduces the key concepts behind software for leaders. All training must begin with the fundamental courses.

Relationships — Understand how paths and goals help distribute leadership across your team. Learn how to build relationships at scale by tracking engagement with people and organizations. You'll master all the valuable features of the people database.

Communication — Keep all your data in sync by attaching email addresses, social media accounts, and virtual phone numbers to your nation. Learn how to target, draft, and send blast email communications, and track your impact with email statistics.

Targeting — People engage with an organization for a variety of reasons. Learn how to target people based on their past interaction with your nation, expressed interests, and geographical location using tags, filters, and map view.

Website — Learn how to create pages, publish content, and manage your website settings. Build action pages to nurture engagement and encourage sharing on social networks.

Additional modules

These additional modules allow you to customize your training package to fit your organization's unique strategic needs.

Finances — Learn how to effectively track the success of current fundraising efforts, the progress of individual fundraisers, and how to manage relationships with key contributors. Understand how to accept donations from the control panel or website and how to log, search, and export transactions.

Advanced Email — Learn about email service provider options and best practices for opting people into your email communication, including segmentation. Understand how your email reputation is affected by spam, engagement, and list size. Learn how to use A/B testing with larger lists to optimize your email.

Community Engagement — Learn how to deepen engagement and expand your reach by empowering supporters through leaderboards, public profiles, and custom social capital. Understand how to implement page permissions to offer exclusive or members-only content on your website.

Data — Learn how to effectively manage your nation’s data infrastructure. Understand the basics of unique identifiers, importing and exporting, and how to use tag sharing to sync contact information with like-minded organizations.

Field Tools — Deepen your understanding of filtering, householding, and turf-cutting to target effectively and run your canvassing efforts on NationBuilder. Understand how to organize and scale your field outreach with scannable walk sheets, virtual phone banking, and online surveys.

Schedule a training

Contact us to schedule the product training package that's right for your organization.

Training FAQs

Do I have to be a NationBuilder customer?

Yes. Not a customer? Start a trial or see a live demo.

Are there additional costs for an on-site training at my location?

Customers are responsible for their trainer’s travel expenses to/from the training, including flight, hotel, ground transportation, and meal expenses. Flat rate T&E will be added to the cost of your training upfront.

How many participants may attend a training?

One trainer is required for every 12 participants. Please contact us for more information about larger trainings.

What do I need to bring to a training conducted at NationBuilder HQ in Los Angeles?

We recommend bringing at least 1 computer for every 2 trainees.

What do I need to provide for a training to be conducted at my location?

A dedicated space for the training with tables and chairs, computers and chargers for trainees, a presentation tool (projector, TV, Chromebox, etc), and either a strong wifi connection or ethernet cables for internet access.

Do you offer training on weekends?

No, we don't offer training on weekends. Our trainers are available to train during business hours on weekdays.