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Comprehensive product training for your team

Training can be delivered onsite at your location or online and is facilitated by a certified NationBuilder trainer.

For individuals

The Essentials

Ideal for individuals or teams who desire a foundational overview of NationBuilder.
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6 hours

For teams

Tailored Team Training

Ideal for organizations looking to accelerate their goals and enhance their workflows.
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1-2 days

For individuals

The Essentials

This 6-hour virtual training will cover the fundamentals of NationBuilder including managing your account, people database, website, and communications. The training will also cover relationship management, email best practices, and targeting the right people for your call-to-action.

Only have 1-2 staffers to train, or are you an organization that has new staff who need to get up-to-speed on NationBuilder? This training provides a foundational overview of the software and is a good option for individuals who are new to using NationBuilder.


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For teams

Tailored Team Training

Our tailored training is designed to cover the full breadth of NationBuilder’s software. Your facilitator will work with you to cover topics that may include managing your people database, editing your website, sending mass communications, managing donations, email best practices, targeting the right people for your call-to-action, and community engagement.

Each training is customized to the unique goals and workflows of each customer for a truly unique experience. This training can be delivered in either one or two days. Our 1-day training covers an array of software features specific to your organization's needs, while our 2-day training includes interwoven workflow management and strategy sessions so your organization can acclimate to NationBuilder with ease.

$4,000 - $7,000
+ upfront flat rate T&E

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Frequently asked questions

Do I have to be a NationBuilder customer?

Yes. Not a customer? Start a trial or see a live demo.

Are there additional costs for on-site training at my location?

Customers are responsible for their trainer’s travel expenses to/from the training, including flight, hotel, ground transportation, and meal expenses. Flat rate T&E will be added to the cost of your training upfront.

How many participants may attend a training?

Most trainings have a capacity of 15 participants. Please contact us for more information about larger trainings.

What do I need to attend a training held virtually?

A quiet, secluded space with reliable, high-speed internet (ideally hardwired into ethernet). Participants should also have a webcam and headset with a microphone for audio.

What do I need to provide for a training to be conducted at my location?

A dedicated space for the training with tables and chairs, computers and chargers for trainees, a presentation tool (projector, TV, Chromebox, etc), and either a strong wifi connection or ethernet cables for internet access.