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2019 Year in Review

10 years of NationBuilder

For our ten-year anniversary, we celebrate historic moments and milestones powered by NationBuilder. Download the report to see what our community accomplished in 2019 and over the last decade.

  • Approx. 100K organizations served
  • Used in 140 countries
  • Nearly $3B raised by customers

Download the full report to read more

A few highlights from this year’s report

Steven Reed became the first African-American mayor of Montgomery, Alabama

  • 800k raised
  • 67% of the vote
  • 25% increase in voter turnout

100 Debates on the Environment shifted the focus of Canada’s federal election

  • 104 debates
  • 400+ candidates
  • 16k+ attendees

Film & Campaign turned a documentary into a box office success

  • 1 day of action
  • 20,000 screening attendees
  • 1,000+ volunteers

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A yearly spotlight on extraordinary leaders around the globe using NationBuilder to step up, organize and achieve their goals.

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