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Your new NationBuilder conrtol panel is here
In February we announced the new NationBuilder control panel limited beta: a redesign of each NationBuilder interface to deliver a more streamlined, consistent and powerful user experience. The initial reaction from those who participated in the limited beta was overwhelmingly positive, and I'm thrilled to announce that as of today, all customers can try the new NationBuilder control panel.

Here’s how to activate your new control panel:

  • Administrators can can activate the new control panel immediately by hovering over the user menu and selecting Try the control panel redesign beta. This will only activate it for your account, and allows you to try it before non-administrators.
  • To allow others to try the new control panel, select Allow all control panel users to try the beta on the new beta settings page (found by navigating to Settings > Beta). Each user will need to hover over their user menu and select Try the control panel redesign beta to activate it. If your nation was already part of the limited beta, all control panel users already have access.

How to activate the beta

To help you get started as quickly as possible, we’ve created updated documentation—which will also be available through our in-app messenger, meeting you wherever you are in the software and saving you time on your important work. Additionally, the lovely humans behind NationBuilder Live will be hosting special webinars to demo the beta and answer your questions, and I’ve created a walkthrough video to guide you through the basics:

We want your feedback!

Once you're up and running, please share your feedback and screenshots via our in-app messenger, including as much detail as possible—we use this information to continually improve your experience, and updates will appear automatically. Follow our release notes to catch up on the latest updates and fixes.

How to provide feedback

Lastly, I’d like to thank the incredibly talented team who made this critical evolution possible. This has been a labor of love for so many of us, and is a significant milestone in my journey at NationBuilder personally. No area of the product has been untouched, an undertaking which reminds me in some ways of our initial launch. The determination and collaboration of the team deeply reflects our values as a company, and I’m so grateful and excited about the road ahead of us.

P.S. We just launched a fresh new homepage featuring some of the inspiring leaders using NationBuilder. Check it out!

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