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Beyond borders: Campus France's global journey to 20,000 new alumni

Discover the collaboration that is building the future of France Alumni Day- a 15-day celebration dedicated to promoting French education and fostering connections among international alumni.

Campus France, a leading advocate for French higher education, sought to reimagine international student engagement. Guided by the mission to enhance the alumni program to half a million members by 2027, the public agency was looking for a software to extend a warm invitation to knowledge-seekers at a global scale. Their quest led them to Datack Communication Agency, a NationBuilder partner, known for mobilizing communities with engaging campaigns for public and nonprofit organizations. 

“I knew Datack was very good at creating attractive and user centric platforms, focused on gaining engagement, and delivering impact.”

- Judith Azema, Communications Director for Campus France

Leading the consulting efforts at Datack for this project was Marine de Calbiac, a seasoned professional known for spearheading public communication projects, mobilization campaigns, and delivering enduring support to organizations in their strategic and operational communications. Marine's invaluable expertise played a central role as Campus France embarked on a groundbreaking initiative: the creation of a digital platform for the esteemed France Alumni Day—a global 15-day celebration dedicated to promoting French education and fostering connections among international alumni.

Campus France sought an advanced event management solution with intricate and extensive functionalities. They were looking for features such as external event submissions, geolocation, thematic tagging, and automated registration responses. They sought a tiered permission system accommodating public visitors, event organizers, and super-administrators, empowering event creators with control over event and registration management. A seamless bilingual English/French website with attention to ergonomics and UX prioritized an intuitive interface for simple user adoption. The platform's design needed to have pleasing aesthetics, captivating visitors with a distinctive and charismatic identity.

“In order for Campus France to be able to use our platform, we needed to implement something that was easy to use and easy to learn. For all of our reasons, NationBuilder was a good solution to meet all these needs and challenges!”

- Marine de Calbiac, Datack Consultant 

With the quick turnaround time of 3-4 weeks to develop the platform on NationBuilder, the French Alumni Campaign made an impactful debut! The success of the project was evident in various aspects. The platform's design and user-friendly experience played a pivotal role in recruiting over 20,000 new members to join the France Alumni network, a remarkable surge compared to the previous year's count of 500 members. This success has also confirmed plans for future editions of the event, building upon the strong foundation laid by Datack and Campus France. 

Through this dynamic partnership, Campus France not only strengthened its alumni network but also elevated the narrative of French educational excellence to a global audience. With an ambitious goal to reach half a million students by 2027, their significant achievement of reaching 400,000 in 2023 stands as a pivotal milestone—a substantial stride toward building their future.

The narrative of Campus France's success, woven in collaboration with NationBuilder and Datack Communication Agency, extends beyond mere accomplishment; it stands as a compelling testament to the transformative influence of collaboration, innovation, and a visionary approach to reshaping global engagement.

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