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Empowering educational freedom through grassroots advocacy in North Carolina

Unveil the potential of personalized supporter management at scale with Parents for Educational Freedom in North Carolina (PEFNC).


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Allison Guenther, VP of External Affairs at Parents for Educational Freedom in North Carolina (PEFNC), leads a dedicated team in their mission to provide parents with the freedom to choose the school best fit for their child’s education. PEFNC, a grassroots nonprofit, believes that education should not be limited by factors such as race, zip code, or income. With a focus on personalized support, they empower families to navigate the complex landscape of education options.

Working in tandem with the state agency that administers North Carolina's private school scholarship programs, PEFNC ensures that families have access to vital information while safeguarding their privacy. The organization relies on NationBuilder's secure database to maintain confidentiality and protect contact details.

“Because of our state contract, we have to make sure that the family’s contact information is secure. We feel strongly that it’s secure within NationBuilder.” - Allison Guenther, VP of External Affairs

In the upcoming year, North Carolina plans to expand private school education funding, opening doors for thousands of more families. To accommodate this significant opportunity, PEFNC sought a comprehensive database and member management system that could handle large-scale operations while fostering meaningful relationships within communities.

The start to their mission was building a website that hosts diverse information and resources, catering to the unique needs of each family. Through strategic tagging, PEFNC maintains intentional communication with families, ensuring they receive relevant newsletters and targeted information based on their interests.

Leveraging NationBuilder's path feature, PEFNC monitors and supports families throughout their engagement journey. By segmenting their community and assigning each family to a PEFNC team member, the small staff can establish personal connections on a 1-on-1 level with thousands of families. NationBuilder's robust database stores vital information, allowing team members to tailor their interactions and deepen relationships based on factors such as grade levels, school districts, special interests, and every touch point they’ve had within PEFNC’s organization. 

PEFNC values the ability to document every interaction with families, noting emails, text messages, and responses. This detailed record empowers them to offer personalized assistance, build trust, and create a sense of support for each family they serve.

With supporter profiles organizing vast amounts of information and enhancing communication, PEFNC effectively builds trust while addressing individual needs. Now that they’re fully integrated into their NationBuilder database, they’re ready to transform the educational experience of thousands of students across the state of North Carolina.

“Our mission is to make outreach and communication with the people we work with very intentional. Being able to track the interactions that we have with people helps us create the community that we want to create and we have seen that it’s truly helpful for people. And that’s who we are and what we do, we help people. And NationBuilder has been a huge part in helping us fulfill our mission.” - Allison Guenther, VP of External Affairs

Join PEFNC and other exceptional customers at NationBuilder in elevating your database, strengthening security, improving communication, and enhancing community management. Experience the transformative impact of an integrated database with a 14-day free trial and find out how an integrated database can take your organization to the next level.

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