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Senior Customer Engagement Manager at NationBuilder

In the last decade, I have been at the heart of progressive politics in Africa, Europe and the United States, first as a grassroots activist and then a campaign professional. In 2014 and 2015, I worked with Avaaz and was a pivotal part of organising the Global Climate Marches in Paris and Berlin.

Putting my organising skills to good use I travelled to the United States to work on Bernie Sanders’ extraordinary grassroots campaign where I participated in the early primary states.

As a key part of the NationBuilder team based in London since 2016, I've worked in Europe Middle East and Africa. I help empower political parties and movements such as En Marche and major pan-European campaigns to use technological tools to scale their impact and campaign more effectively.


commented on NationBuilder match désactivé en France
Si vous êtes témoin de pratiques qui vous semblent mauvaises de la part des partis politiques, vous pouvez 1) adresser un email à leurs équipes 2) faire un signalement auprès de la CNIL :
posted 2017-05-10 06:38:46 -0700
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Hi Therese,
Did you finally manage to unpublish the nav bar only for the home page ?
I am trying to do this right now, but I can only have it on all pages or on none if I change the layout.html file.
posted 2016-05-15 12:10:47 -0700