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Interfaith Partners for the Chesapeake unite faith and action to build a network of change

A streamlined advocacy organization, doubling their donation goal while nurturing engagement, all dedicated to preserving and protecting their shared watershed.


  • 1,500
  • Volunteers Engaged 
  • 2x
  • Donation Goal Reached
  • 5K
  • Trees Planted

Interfaith Partners for the Chesapeake (IPC) is working to build a watershed-wide network of church congregations committed to faithful stewardship of the Chesapeake Bay. Their team is able to do this through training green teams within congregations, connecting them with technical assistance for in-the-ground projects, and through offering faith-based environmental education. In her role as Lower Eastern Shore Outreach Coordinator, Mollie Rudow works to connect with congregations and identify avenues through which they're interested in getting involved with Creation Care. 

“This work is so immensely fulfilling - each day I know our organization is making a positive impact in the Chesapeake Bay watershed and communities that reside here! I’m motivated to do this work because while working to heal the Bay, we’re connecting and working with communities that might not otherwise be collaborating. To me, that’s the joy in working for an interfaith organization— we’re working together to help heal lands and waters so they’re usable for all people.” - Mollie Rudow

Mollie and the IPC team turned to NationBuilder to tackle the challenges faced during a period of rapid growth in 2015. They were in search of a platform to track their expanding network of congregations, manage green team contact information, handle event and webinar RSVPs, facilitate communication with their supporters, and accept donations. NationBuilder provides a centralized solution, offering a comprehensive CRM system to organize and maintain everything that IPC needs, all in one place. 

NationBuilder's event management tools engage effective RSVP tracking and communicate event details. The built-in donation management system simplifies their task of tracking and processing donations to effectively thank donors for their support. This tool enhancement has made it convenient for supporters to contribute to IPC's mission. NationBuilder serves as a centralized hub that integrates all of the functions needed in a CRM, allowing IPC to streamline their operations and foster engagement with congregational networks and their wider communities. 

During the launch of their inaugural Faithful Green Leaders Training Program, Interfaith Partners for the Chesapeake (IPC) sought to streamline RSVPs and congregation representation tracking. They turned to NationBuilder's relationship-building suite to establish connections with team members for simplified and effective communication.

Using NationBuilder paths, IPC effectively tracked communications with green teams, ensuring timely follow-ups. After each session, participants and congregations received personalized tags, enabling dynamic filtering. This allowed IPC to tailor content streams to specific groups, ensuring appropriate materials reached each team seamlessly. Over 170 completed teams have been connected, fostering an environmentally conscious community within and beyond congregations.

In their most recent campaign, IPC harnessed NationBuilder's fundraising suite to launch a successful campaign to expand their monthly donor base. By harnessing the communication tools and payment processor provided by NationBuilder on their donation page, IPC executed the campaign with remarkable success. As a result, they experienced a substantial increase of $300 per month in unrestricted funds, effectively doubling their initial target and significantly enhancing their financial resources.

Through their partnership with NationBuilder, IPC empowers their mission and cultivates a thriving community focused on environmental stewardship. IPC embraces NationBuilder's all-in-one capabilities, facilitating impressive achievements, including 5,500 newly educated volunteers in 172 established Green Teams, 5,000 planted trees, and 435 water-quality improvement projects installed by congregations.

"NationBuilder is efficient and intuitive, works well for website building and sending info. It's a compact and effective platform for nonprofits." ~ Mollie Rudow

Honoring, protecting, and restoring shared watersheds using digital software signifies a powerful intersection between environmental stewardship and technological advancements. It represents a proactive and innovative approach to address the complex challenges facing the natural ecosystems. By leveraging digital software, organizations like IPC can demonstrate a forward-thinking and inclusive approach to environmental protection and restoration. It combines the power of technology with the commitment to honor, care for, and protect their shared watershed, ultimately contributing to the sustainability and well-being of our ecosystems and communities. 

Learn more about how your organization can elevate your bank of digital tools, build stronger relationships, improve communication, and enhance community management. Experience the transformative impact of an integrated database with a 14-day free trial and find out how you can take your organization to the next level.

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