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Add/Remove from List buttons do nothing on Follower tab of Users control panel

On the Control Panel, there are +/- buttons with help text “Add all to list” / “Remove all from list” above the list of Followers on a person’s Follower tab (which should be named Followers IMHO), but they appear to not have active actions associated with them — it doesn’t pop up a list of lists and allow you to choose what list to add/remove the Followers to, or do anything at all as far as I can tell. Background: If your Theme shows it, any logged-in user can click the “+” button on a Directory entry and become a Follower of that person/organization. They may not get email notifications (or if they do, we should have some control over what they get), but they do get added to the Control Panel list of Followers for the user they are now following. (re-submitted as a fresh issue rather than as a comment on a different Followers issue, because this could be higher priority / a quicker fix, as it is a bug report rather than a feature request) Note this relates to NB followers of a NB user, not Twitter/FB followers.

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