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The Significance of the EU-US Data Privacy Framework: Advancing Data Protection Standards

As an international company trusted by over 9,000 leaders and organisers in 112 countries across the world, we at NationBuilder welcome the adequacy decision for the United States. 

July 21, 2023
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In Europe, NationBuilder has long strived to give aspiring leaders and organisers the tools, infrastructure and service that they need in order to grow their communities and move people to action. We have made significant investments to optimise our European customers experience by:

  • Providing best in class customer experience, with NationBuilder team members located in France, Italy, Belgium, UK & Romania across Customer Success, Customer Support, Engineering, Product and Business functions.
  • Ensuring customers have relevant legal safeguards in place to protect customer data and ensure they can satisfy EU and national laws.
  • Creating Advanced Privacy Tools that allow customers to truly own their own data and not just assist with GDPR compliance, but to build trust with their supporters by giving them the ability to manage granular preferences, and know how their data is used. 
  • Creating Distributed Leadership tools so customers can organise at scale, whilst ensuring internal security for the data they manage. 

On top of this, on 10th July 2023, the European Commission announced its adequacy decision for the United States. This means that the European Commission has made a determination that the personal information of EU citizens is protected to the same level as it would be in any EU member country.  

At NationBuilder we welcome the EU-US Data Privacy Framework, as it gives customers and potential customers in Europe further reassurance of the protections in place for their data. This means that customers can focus on the day to day work of building meaningful relationships with their supporters at scale, utilising NationBuilder’s suite of engagement tools and advanced privacy features. 

What does the EU-US Data Privacy Framework mean for NationBuilder customers in Europe?

  • In addition to all the technical and legal measures already implemented by NationBuilder, the USA government has enacted new safeguards to protect the data of European citizens.
  • The establishment of a new Data Protection Review Court will enable European residents to initiate complaints with respect to the handling of their personal data by a U.S. company  or other US based entity. 
  • Customers using NationBuilder can continue to achieve compliance with the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), with further reassurances of the safety of their data.
  • NationBuilder is a member of the EU-US Data Privacy Framework and our certification can be found here. 

If you would like to talk to the team about using NationBuilder and how the EU-US Data Privacy Framework is relevant, please get in touch here. 


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