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We Continue the Change: A new era for Bulgarian democracy

Discover the inspiring journey of Prodaljavame Promianata (We Continue the Change), the political force that emerged as a beacon of hope, shattering fifteen years of governance under GERB and igniting a powerful movement for change in Bulgaria.


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In the heart of Bulgaria, voters longing for change found its champions in two Harvard graduates who dared to dream of a brighter political future. Their journey began in 2021 when they founded We Continue The Change (Prodaljavame promyanata), a political party that offered a beacon of hope amidst a fifteen year run under GERB's governance. For years, the visionary leaders had deep-seated dreams for better voter turnout, more meaningful connections between voters and elected officials, and amplified participation for citizens across Bulgaria. When We Continue the Change emerged as a wave of change, citizens rallied behind their vision. 

The party's victory in the national elections seemed like a breakthrough moment, a sign that tangible change was possible. But the reality was sobering: Bulgaria lacked the necessary digital tools, time, and organization to sustain this momentum at scale.

When the government fell, it was a harsh reminder of the challenges ahead. Yet, amidst the uncertainty, there was determination to press on. It was during this critical juncture that Ivan Ivanov, Head of Digital Infrastructure at We Continue the Change, advocated for NationBuilder to fortify their capabilities and compete effectively in the impending electoral arena.

NationBuilder became a base to We Continue the Change's operations, equipping their small team with the tools they needed to connect with constituents in groundbreaking ways. With the suite of features for fundraising, mass communication, and user segmentation, formed genuine connections with their rapidly growing base of 30,000 supporters in mere weeks. Every interaction became a thread in the fabric of a more transparent and inclusive political system.

But the real magic to keeping their campaign going? That was all We Continue the Change. They saw the need for seamless integration and email automation, so they took NationBuilder and made it their own. By customizing it to fit their needs, they turned their operations into a streamlined solution. Manual tasks evaporated, replaced by efficient processes that fueled their mission to strengthen the future they wanted to see. They made sure to respond to every recipient, crafting personalized communications leaving individuals feeling like active participants in effecting change.

"We now know a lot more about our people from the moment they enter the door, and that's important. The organization functions in a way that gives more weight to members and people that are more involved in the organization."

-Ivan Ivanov, Head of Digital Infrastructure 

This transformation enabled them to send a total of 382,000 emails to electorates and achieved an impressive all-time email open rate of 43%. We Continue the Change's story is a testament to the transformative power of political innovation and strategic partnership with technology to advance their cause, foster civic engagement, and secure victory in their elections.

For We Continue the Change, success is not measured solely in electoral victories. It's about redefining the relationship between people and their representatives, breathing life into a democracy that thrives on voter participation. As they continue to pioneer change, We Continue the Change stands as a beacon of hope for a nation yearning for a brighter tomorrow.

In the words of Ivan, "Politics is not a siloed game, it's not something done in a closed environment. It needs to involve people, it needs to make people feel like they're a part of something." With NationBuilder as their infrastructure, We Continue the Change is forging a path towards a more inclusive and vibrant democracy, one connection at a time.

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