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I would like to be able to mark important activities in a persons dashboard stream

Currently, if someone sent an important email that I would like to be able to refer back to down the road, or perhaps they submit a meaningful response to a survey, I often have to page through a bunch of pages of activities to find it - in some cases clicking 'read more' to expose the content for each activity of the same type.

While I do have the option to sort/filter the feed by activity type, which is helpful, it can still be a bit of a challenge when there are tons of activities of the same type.

What would be cool is if I could mark specific activities in a feed as "important" -- a la the "star" system employed by Gmail -- and then similarly sort/filter the feed to display only those "important" activities.


This is a great idea! We've definitely thought about how we can make a person's profile much easier to read (threading emails etc) and I'll pass this along. 

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