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NationBuilder Partner Code of Conduct

We take the commitment to our customers very seriously, which is why we've developed this Code of Conduct outlining the level of service they can expect while doing business with our certified Architects, Developers or Agencies.

We take the commitment to our customers very seriously, which is why we've developed this Code of Conduct outlining the level of service they can expect while doing business with our certified Architects, Developers, Agencies and Experts.

Customer Confidentiality

Partners will never sell, trade, or otherwise make available their client or employee's database, business operations, marketing objectives, or other confidential information to any third party without express written permission from the client.

Partners will never deceive a client into unknowingly granting permission for their information to be shared with other organizations.

Customer Service

Partners will always provide helpful and friendly service and respond to all clients within 48 hour time period.

If NationBuilder refers a customer to a partner, they should not then refer that customer to someone else, or another platform.

Partners will communicate with customers immediately when there will be a delay on delivery, and all costs and services will be clearly explained to the client before starting the work.

If a partner is unable to help a customer with a particular service, they will do their best to guide them to a professional who can.

In the event a customer has a designated point of contact at NationBuilder, the partner should always inform them of any questions or issues the customer has with NationBuilder that cannot be resolved by the partner. 

Collaborations on Projects

Partners are responsible for training new hires, contractors and team members on the NationBuilder theming system (Architects), NationBuilder API (Developers), or the NationBuilder control panel (Experts). Agencies are expected to always have professionals under their company brand that are fluent in all three of these competencies. 

If a partner is collaborating with another certified Architect, Developer, or Agency on a project, they must agree on responsibilities, deadlines, and who will get credit, before starting the work.

The relationship between NationBuilder and the partner is treated as the name implies - a partnership. As such, the partner should always work in unison with NationBuilder staff to ensure the customer is receiving correct information and not contradicting provided details. The partner should also not intentionally undermine NationBuilder staff and create negative conflict during project scoping or pricing discussions. 

Certification Terms

Experts: Certifications are good for two years.

Architects: Certifications need to be renewed once a year. A theme designed and developed within the past year can be used towards the certification test.

Developers: Developer certifications need to be renewed once a year. A code exercise written within the past month can be used as the certification test.

Agencies: Agency certification can be revoked if one of the three prerequisite certifications is not renewed within the stated period. 

Partners have a number of support channels at their disposal, to include for Architects, for Developers, and a Slack team that is reserved exclusively for partners. Failure to use these support channels when needed may result in unaddressed issues from the NationBuilder staff. 

Partners are fully responsible for project quality level, even if they subcontract segments of the work. A warning will be issued for projects below an acceptable level of quality.

If no new projects are produced within a period of 6 months, a partner's listing may be removed from

If a partner violates any of these rules, they will receive a warning. If another rule is violated, they will be decertified. If the initial violation is egregious, certification may be revoked without a warning.

NationBuilder reserves the right to revoke a certification at any time. However, the investigation of decertifying a partner will typically adhere to the following procedure:

  • Written warning that outlines the specific violation, the customer and/or project, and proposed resolution. A violation can include a breach of any of the terms stated in the Code of Conduct.
  • If the violation is repeated or another made, we will investigate to determine the severity and if decertification is warranted.
  • If decertification is the result, we will inform the partner via email and outline the specific violations informing the decision.