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Create a digital GOTV strategy in half an hour


You don’t have a lot of time, so you need to make sure your resources are focused on the most important thing: getting supporters to the polls.

You’ve got your traditional GOTV rolling, but what about people who don’t read their mail, don’t have landlines, or live in buildings you can’t get into? You need to reach them where they are: online. Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn. This is where certain constituents live, and where they have voices of influence.

By following the steps below, you can use NationBuilder to queue up, engage, and empower influential social media users in your community. This way, you can build a digital GOTV squad that can broaden and strengthen your campaign’s reach.


1. Consolidate your data

Get all your email addresses from all your sources and import them into your nation. Combine all your databases, your social media outlets, and your donor information.


2. NationBuilder Match

Importing these emails will trigger NationBuilder Match, which will automatically match people's emails to their public social media profiles.



3. Connect Twitter & Facebook

Attach your campaign’s Twitter handle and Facebook pages to a Broadcaster in the Communications tab. Then, select what kinds of social media followers will be imported into your nation.



4. Identify your influencers

Once NationBuilder Match has run, and you have your social media followers imported, you can start to identify your influencers. Go to the People tab and sort your entire database by "Twitter followers" or "Klout score."



5. Your GOTV squad

The top 5%-10% of your results will be the group which will become your digital GOTV squad. Save them to a list in NationBuilder.

top_influencers-klout-01.png     top_influencers-pc-01.png     top_influencers-twitter-01.png

Your digital GOTV squad

(your highest ranking influencers)


6. Engage your squad


Email the list and ask them to join your digital GOTV squad, a team that will share tweets and posts about things like:

  • Early vote
  • Absentee voting
  • Registration deadlines
  • Finding polling locations
  • Finding volunteers
  • Election day
  • Gathering vote count info





Start by emailing your squad an engagement request


This quick digital GOTV effort broadens your community, and helps you identify new leaders in different spaces. It will give you rich information about people that you don’t already have data about, so that you can mobilize the most voters on election day.