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Expose Township and Ward fields in the control panel

Originally submitted May 16, 2017

Currently, the database stores Township and Ward voting districts for users, but it is not surfaced in either the Voting Districts signup view or in the available filters for searching. It's possible to import to both of these fields using the front-facing importer, via the API, and via autodistricting, but none of this data is made available in the app itself.


Update 9/15 - This is complete! You can now filter on Ward and Township in your nation. You may have already imported data into those fields so they will now be available.

Not all of NationBuilder's voter data includes these fields at the moment, but they will be added in the next update of state data (where applicable). Please check our Voter Data status page to see when your state was last updated. 

Update 9/8 - we have begun work on this.

This is something we will consider but do not have a timeline at the moment. 

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