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Inside a first run for city council

by · December 17

Wendy Wheatcroft’s journey to activism and politics started in classrooms—both during her time as a student and her 15-year career as an elementary school teacher—where she experienced multiple lockdowns and close calls that changed the course of her life. In...

Contacting your voters digitally

by · September 11

In every campaign, it is important to understand who your voters are and what data they have shared with you outside of their role as a voter. This is even more important in a world when engaging with your voters...

5 Tactics to launch your vote-by-mail program

by · August 20

A vote cast by someone who is unable or unwilling to visit a polling station is an absentee ballot vote. These voters traditionally skew older in age and might be serving in the military or living overseas. With physical distancing...

Top tips: Fundraising while social distancing

by · August 19

1. Remember you are enough. In some ways, fundraising hasn’t changed with the onset of COVID-19. Great candidates like you still need funds. Donors still expect campaigns to ask for money. Remember you got this and you are worth investing in,...

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