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Revolutionizing the ballot: Vassil Terziev's historic mayoral victory

Through strategic use of NationBuilder's tools, Vassil 4 Sofia's mayoral campaign redefined political outreach, ultimately reshaping the electoral landscape of Sofia.


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In November 2023, the mayoral elections in Sofia, Bulgaria, witnessed a historic shift as tech entrepreneur Vassil Terziev emerged victorious, breaking a 15-year stronghold by a reformist candidate. This successful political campaign wasn't just about a change in leadership; it was a testament to the power of innovative campaign strategies and the transformative potential of technology when revitalizing voter participation.

In order to make a splash in an electoral race that hadn’t been broken in over a decade, Vassil 4 Sofia's campaign team needed to employ a multifaceted digital strategy to reshape the narrative of political campaigning in Bulgaria. The campaign's primary focus was on finding a software that could build a robust contact database, meticulously segmented to address the diverse issues facing Sofia's community. That’s when they learned about NationBuilder, it became the essential tool to streamline the campaign processes and enhance civic engagement across Sofia.

By harnessing NationBuilder's People database and advanced targeting tools, Vassil 4 Sofia crafted tailored customer journeys based on hyper-local issues that resonated deeply with constituents' concerns by engaging them via Facebook. This campaign team captured the attention and support of a new flood of voters and organized them with custom tags within their database. With over 20,000 contactable individuals identified and categorized within weeks, the team unleashed a relentless digital outreach campaign, based on their hyper-local issues, sending out over half a million messages with an impressive 40% open rate. 

But it wasn't just about broadcasting messages; the team also prioritized engagement and responsiveness. They fielded over 3,000 email responses from citizens, demonstrating a commitment to dialogue and accountability. Leveraging tools like Qomon, seamlessly integrated with NationBuilder, they conducted citizen canvassing exercises that yielded an additional 10,000 contacts, further enriching their database and strengthening community connections.

In the end Vassil's historic victory, achieved by a slim margin of 5,000 votes, reverberated across Bulgaria, signaling a new era in political campaigning. Their team had rewritten the playbook, demonstrating that with vision, innovation, and the right tools, anything is possible.

"We did something exceptionally new for my country, and it paid off. NationBuilder was instrumental in our success." - Ivan Ivanov, Head of Digital Infrastructure on Vassil’s team

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