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WYSIWYG updates

Join Product Manager Katy McCreery and Customer Engagement Manager Taylor Pineiro to walk through the WYSIWYG changes NationBuilder made in late 2017.

Thank you to everyone who made it to our walkthrough of new WYSIWYG features. Below is the recording and some answers to questions that were posted in the chat!

Any other questions please email us at [email protected].

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You can find the agenda for today’s webinar here

Future WYSIWYG updates will be posted on our suggestion page.

TinyMCE update details


  • Copy and paste is different than it was before - You will need to copy and paste from a keyboard shortcut rather than a right click - Copy/Paste shortcuts how-tos: for a mac and a PC

  • I copy/pasted from a text editor and the format is different - if you highlight your text and re-select 'Normal' in the heading dropdown it will help clear the formatting

  • I’m getting plugin errors for TinyMCE / having issues with formatting not showing in Google Chrome - please try updating your browser to the most recent (I’m using Version 63.0.3239.84 of Chrome)

  • When in fullscreen is there a shortcut for save? - no you will need to exit full screen and hit the save button

  • I preferred having the HTML code opening in a separate window that I could pull outside the other open browser windows. Is there a way to revert back to that ability? - Not right now but we appreciate that feedback!

  • I want to post a picture just once and use it in the blog preview, the blog and on Facebook - is this possible? - To use it in the preview and on Facebook you will need to upload it to the settings > social media of the page. To have it in the blog itself you will need to upload it to the ‘files’ section of the page

  • Can images have captions? - It’s not a native feature - but you can add captions in the HTML

  • The image title is alt text for web accessibility? - The title will be in the code as the title of the image and when you hover over the image

  • Sometimes I want to have a space between bulleted items, and there is a bullet on every line. - if you hold down 'shift' when you hit enter between bullets you will get a space

  • How do I embed a video onto a page or email? - You can embed an email with just the url in the WYSIWYG editor - it needs to be a link on it's own line with no formatting. For email we recommend a screenshot that links to a page on your website 

  • How do I move an image to the left of bullet points? - I tested this again and submitted the issue to our product team for them to look at 

  • How do I change font size in the HTML editor? - As a note, everything written in the source code is in HTML whereas font sizes are a CSS feature. Therefore, you will need to format the CSS in HTML in order to make the change. Any CSS component formatted in HTML begins with a 'style' tag. Say you are looking to change this paragraph to a 25px font size - you will need to add a style tag with a font size 

    <p>This is a paragraph</p>

    <p style="font-size: 25px;">This is a paragraph</p>

    This is 25px font!

    Here's what that looks like in my source code: 

    Screenshot description

Other Questions

  • We sometimes see emails not sending to aol email addresses - We rotate our IP Pools for email sends so chances are next time you send an email those addresses will receive it. We did a few webinars on email blasts that can help understand sending!  

  • We would love to learn why people are unsubscribing - you can consider updating your unsubscribe page with checkboxes for people to choose from

  • What are your newer themes? - Any of the themes on our public theme page are our most updated!