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"The main characteristic of a Remix is that it appropriates and changes other materials to create something new."

When I check into work every morning, I realize that a large part of my day will be spent supporting customers using a platform that's very much like me, a Remix. A convergence of different experiences, identities, and competencies.

In a vacuum, NationBuilder's is not unique on its own. Its a software startup. We have a fully stocked kitchen. The software includes an email tool, a website and a database.

Yet when you piece together these disparate components: the software, the people, and the leaders who use NationBuilder-- you get soul, and that's what makes NationBuilder different. That's what gets me excited about work every morning.


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Hi Chirag, its possible to implement additional levels of dropdown menus in mobile; however, its a customization that requires additional JavaScript. Therefore, we recommend that if you need this customization that you explore our support forums for more resources, or exploring our Architect community for designers who can assist you on an hourly basis:
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