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commented on How do I change Social Media attribution?
Hey Tim -

I went to your site and test-shared a blog post, and the custom domain shows up in the social share prompt for me. If you’re still having this issue, can you email us at [email protected] with the link to a page that is producing the naked URL when shared? Thanks!
posted 2015-07-06 21:56:32 -0700
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posted 2016-06-22 10:22:27 -0700
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posted 2016-06-22 10:22:42 -0700
commented on Mobile themes are here + other awesomeness
Hi Gabriel -

You could potentially disable the mobile stylesheet by doing a large coding overhaul if you’re using one of our new, mobile-responsive themes. If you have an older theme, it’s even tougher. I wouldn’t suggest this, however, as this will make your site fairly non-functional on any device smaller than a tablet.
posted 2015-06-23 13:43:40 -0700
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posted 2016-06-22 10:23:32 -0700
responded to waiting lists for events? with completed
posted 2016-06-22 10:22:58 -0700
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posted 2016-06-22 10:23:16 -0700
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posted 2016-06-22 10:24:00 -0700
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posted 2016-06-22 10:23:46 -0700
responded to How do I add people from my existing "People" database to the endorsement list? with completed
posted 2016-06-22 10:24:26 -0700
commented on signup
Hey Teddy! You can reach those things using the following variables:
Headline: {{ profile.profile_headline }}
Intro: {{ profile.profile_content }}

Of course, these variables will only be able to be used if the user has opted in to having their profile be public.
posted 2015-05-25 13:24:55 -0700
commented on feature
Hi Vivek -

The featured content slider CSS is located in the theme.scss and tablet-and-desktop.scss files. Look for those style variables under the section designated // featured content slider
posted 2015-05-21 16:46:12 -0700