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Activity variables
Variable Description
created_atWhen the activity was created e.g. {{ activity.created_at | time_ago }}
dataThe activity data e.g. {{ }}
is_private?Checks if the activity is private e.g.
is_public?Checks if the activity is public e.g.
type_nameThe type of item the activity is for e.g. "Donation" or "Twitter Follower"
amount_formatAmount formatted in dollars cents e.g. $100.00
amount_in_centsAmount formatted in cents e.g. 10000
broadcasterBroadcaster referenced e.g. {{ }} called {{ }}
signupIdentity of signup involved in the activity e.g. {{ activity.signup.name_or_email }}
authorAuthor of item activity is attached to (comment, suggestion, etc.) e.g. {{ }}
show_page_viewExtended format for activity view (most common) e.g. {{ activity.show_page_view }}
show_oneliner_viewAbbreviated format for activity view e.g. {{ activity.show_oneliner_view }}