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Broadcaster variables
Variable Description
name e.g. {{ }}
name_with_email e.g. {{ broadcaster.name_with_email}}
email e.g. {{ }}
phone_number e.g. {{ broadcaster.phone_number }}
profile_image_urlUses either Twitter or Facebook Page profile image url e.g. {{ broadcaster.profile_image_url }}
has_twitter?Checks if the broadcaster has a Twitter account e.g. {% if broadcaster.has_twitter? %}{% endif %}
twitter_loginTwitter login name e.g. @{{ broadcaster.twitter_login }}
twitter_profile_urlTwitter profile URL e.g. {{ broadcaster.twitter_profile_url }}
twitter_profile_image_urlTwitter profile image URL e.g. {{ broadcaster.twitter_profile_image_url }}
has_facebook?Checks if the broadcaster has a Facebook page e.g. {% if broadcaster.has_facebook? %}{% endif %}
facebook_page_usernameFacebook page username e.g. {{ broadcaster.facebook_page_username }}
facebook_page_profile_urlFacebook page profile URL e.g. {{ broadcaster.facebook_page_profile_url }}
facebook_page_profile_image_urlFaecbook page image URL e.g. {{ broadcaster.facebook_page_profile_image_url }}
facebook_page_bigger_profile_image_urlBigger Facebook page image URL e.g. {{ broadcaster.facebook_page_bigger_profile_image_url }}
facebook_likes_count# of likes for this broadcaster on Facebook e.g. {{ broadcaster.facebook_likes_count }}
has_open_graph?Checks if broadcaster has open graph e.g. {% if broadcaster.has_open_graph? %}{% endif %}
open_graph_typeOpen Graph Type e.g. "non_profit", "politician", "website", etc.
open_graph_siteThe primary site for this open graph object e.g. {{ broadcaster.open_graph_site.full_url }}