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Moneybomb page variables
Variable Description
contentDisplays content specified in page's admin section
e.g. {{ page.moneybomb.content }}
is_active?Is the moneybomb active right now?
is_past?Has the moneybomb passed?
seconds_untilNumber of seconds until the moneybomb starts (for the countdown)
seconds_leftNumber of seconds until the moneybomb ends. It will be zero if the moneybomb is not active yet
has_donation_page?Is there a specific donation page specified?
donation_pagePage they should donate on when the moneybomb is active
minimum_amountMinimum pledge amount e.g.
amount_goalPledge goal for page e.g. Amount of money set as the goal for the donation page
has_amount_goal?Checks if page has a pledge goal set e.g. {% if page.moneybomb.has_amount_goal? %}
has_met_amount_goal?Checks if the goal has been met e.g. {% if page.moneybomb.has_met_amount_goal? %}
percent_of_amount_goalPercent of amount goal met e.g. {{ page.moneybomb.percent_of_amount_goal }}
pledger_goalPledger goal e.g. The number of pledgers set as the goal
has_pledger_goal?Checks if page has a pledger goal set e.g. {% if page.moneybomb.has_pledger_goal? %}
has_met_pledger_goal?Checks if page has met the pledger goal e.g. {% if page.moneybomb.has_met_pledger_goal? %}
percent_of_pledger_goalPercentage of pledger goal met e.g. {{ page.moneybomb.percent_of_pledger_goal }}
amountsArray of default donation amounts
form_amount_optionsAmounts people are encouraged to pledge e.g.