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Recurring donation variables
Variable Description
next_billing_dateTime of next donation e.g. {{ recurring_donation.next_billing_date | date_to_string }}
amount_formatDonation amount as text with currency e.g. $10.00
supporter_portal_urlURL of site where series was initiated with supporter portal path e.g.
siteWebsite where series was initiated e.g. {{ }}
recurrenceFrequency of the donation e.g. monthly/annual
statusStatus of the donation e.g. active, failing, failed, canceled
started_atTime the series was initiated e.g. {{ recurring_donation.started_at | date_to_string }}
ended_atTime the series was canceled e.g. {{ recurring_donation.ended_at | date_to_string }}
membership_type_nameName of the associated membership e.g. {{ recurring_donation.membership_type_name }}
nb_payments?Checks if donation processed through NationBuilder Payments e.g. recurring_donation.nb_payments?
amount_unformattedDonation amount as text without currency e.g. 1000.00
portal_detail_view_urlDirect link to view recurring donation details in supporter portal
portal_payment_update_urlDirect link to update payment method for recurring donation in supporter portal
pageDonation page where series was initiated e.g. {{ }}