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Event ticket level variables
Variable Description
nameName of the ticket level e.g. VIP, Regular
idID of the ticket level e.g. {{ }}
descriptionDescription of the ticket level e.g. "Dinner with the candidate"
amountAmount of the ticket e.g. $10.00
amount_in_centsAmount of the ticket in cents e.g. 1000
numberNumber of tickets e.g. {{ event_ticket_level.number }}
rsvpsLast 10 RSVPs e.g. {{ event_ticket_level.rsvps }}
quantity_soldQuantity sold e.g. {{ event_ticket_level.quantity_sold }}
quantity_remainingQuantity remaining. Returns nil if quantity unlimited. e.g. {{ event_ticket_level.quantity_remaining }}
quantity_limitQuantity limit. Returns 0 if quantity unlimited. e.g. {{ event_ticket_level.quantity_limit }}