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Merchant account variables
Variable Description
is_visa?Checks if Visa is allowed e.g. {% if merchant_account.is_visa? %}
is_mastercard?Checks if Mastercard is allowed e.g. {% if merchant_account.is_mastercard? %}
is_amex?Checks if American Express is allowed e.g. {% if merchant_account.is_amex? %}
is_discover?Checks if Discover is allowed e.g. {% if merchant_account.is_discover? %}
is_test_mode?Is the merchant account in test mode? e.g. {% if merchant_account.is_test_mode? %}
accepted_card_iconsDisplays logos of accepted credit cards e.g. {{ merchant_account.accepted_card_icons }}
has_contribution_rules?Are there rules that must be accepted before donating? e.g. {% page.donation.merchant_account.has_contribution_rules? %}{% endif %}
contribution_rulesText of contribution rules e.g. {{ page.donation.merchant_account.contribution_rules? }}
is_taxable?Are transactions taxed? e.g. {% if page.donation.merchant_account.is_taxable? %}{% endif %}
is_employer_and_occupation_required?Are employer and occupation required? e.g. {% if page.donation.merchant_account.employer_and_occupation_required? %}{% endif %}
is_employer_city_required?Does this jurisdiction require the city/state for their employer? e.g. {% if page.donation.merchant_account.is_employer_city_required? %}{% endif %}
is_employer_address_required?Does this jurisdiction require a full employer address? e.g. {% if page.donation.merchant_account.is_employer_address_required? %}{% endif %}
organization_typeType of organization e.g. for_profit, nonprofit, federal_candidate, etc
is_paypal_express?Is the merchant account paypal? e.g. {% if merchant_account.is_paypal_express? %}