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Vote pledge variables
Variable Description
signupThe person who made the pledge e.g. {{ vote_pledge.signup.published_name }}
contentText field for user comment after they pledge e.g. {{ vote_pledge.content }}
is_yes?Checks if the user pledged yes e.g. {% if vote_pledge.is_yes? %}
is_unsure?Checks if the user pledged unsure e.g. {% if vote_pledge.is_unsure? %}
is_no?Checks if the user pledged no e.g. {% if vote_pledge.is_no? %}
is_privateCheckbox to prevent publishing pledge on the website e.g.
is_private?Checks if the pledge is private e.g. {% if vote_pledge.is_private? %}
created_atWhen pledged e.g. {{ vote_pledge.created_at | time_ago }}