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Endorsement page variables
Variable Description
contentThe endorsement text itself, in HTML e.g. {{ page.endorsement.content }}
content_textThe endorsement text itself, in Text e.g. {{ page.endorsement.content_text }}
introIntro to endorsement e.g. {{ page.endorsement.intro }}
goalDisplays goal for endorsement if one is set e.g. {{ page.endorsement.goal }}
endorsements_countTotal number of signatures for endorsement e.g. {{ page.endorsement.signatures_count | number_with_commas }}
has_goal?Checks if the endorsement has a goal set eg {% if page.endorsement.has_goal? %} {% endif %}
has_met_goal?Checks if the endorsement goal has been met e.g. {% if page.endorsement.has_met_goal? %} {% endif %}
percent_of_goalPercent of goal met e.g. {{ page.endorsement.percent_of_goal }}
is_volunteer?Checks if endorsement is configured to ask for volunteers
is_image?Ask for an image to upload? e.g. {% if page.endorsement.is_image? %}{% endif %}
require_image?Is an image required? Like for an image only endorsement e.g. {% if page.endorsement.require_image? %}{% endif %}
is_address?Checks if endorsement is configured to ask for an address
require_address?Checks if an address is required to sign endorsement e.g. See page.endorsement.require_address? variable in is_address? example above
is_endorsed?Checks if the person has already endorsed= e.g. {% if page.endorsement.is_endorsed? %}
current_endorsementIf the current user has endorsed, useful for deleting it e.g. {{ page.endorsement.current_endorsement | delete_link message: "Remove endorsement" }}
endorsementsArray of endorsements done from this page, sorted by most recent e.g. {% for endorsement in page.endorsement.endorsements %}{{ endorsement.signup.published_name }}{% endfor %}
endorsements_with_imagesArray of endorsements that have images
featured_endorsementsArray of endorsements that have been featured
featured_endorsements_with_imagesArray of endorsements that have images and have been featured
featured_endorsements_without_imagesArray of endorsements that don't have images and have been featured
organization_endorsementsArray of endorsements from organizations
organization_endorsements_with_imagesArray of endorsements from organizations with images
featured_organization_endorsementsArray of endorsements from organizations that have been featured
featured_organization_endorsements_with_imagesArray of endorsements from organizations with images that have been featured
recent_endorsersarray of signup objects
recent_endorsers_with_picturesarray of signup objects
random_endorsersarray of signup objects
random_endorsers_with_picturesarray of signup objects