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Variable Description
consent_form?Checks if the page has a consent form e.g. {% if page.show_consent_form? %}
headlineThe consent form headline e.g. {{ page.consent_form.headline }}
contentThe consent form content e.g. {{ page.consent_form.content }}
contentArray of consent options e.g.
Variable Description
descriptionThe consent option description e.g. {{ consent_option.description }}
yes_radio_buttonThe opt-in radio option e.g. {{ consent_option.yes_radio_button }}
yes_radio_nameThe opt-in radio option name e.g. {{ consent_option.yes_radio_name }}
no_radio_buttonThe opt-out radio option e.g. {{ consent_option.yes_radio_button }}
no_radio_nameThe opt-out radio option name e.g. {{ consent_option.yes_radio_name }}