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Suggestion page variables
Variable Description
page_headlineCollects title of users suggestion e.g.
commentDisplays content of comment e.g.
contentDisplays content of suggestion e.g. {{ page.suggestion.content }}
image_urlLink to uploaded suggestion picture e.g. {{ page.suggestion.image_url }}
suggestion_box_taggingsArray of page_tagging objects for the parent suggestion box e.g.
suggestion_box_tag_namesArray of tag names for the parent's suggestion box e.g.
signup_taggingsArray of page_signup_tagging objects of how people have tagged this suggestione.g.
signup_tag_namesArray of tag names that people have tagged this suggestion with e.g.
tag_list_htmlDisplays the list of tags available e.g.
{{ page.suggestion.tag_list_html }}
admin_edit_urlLink to suggestion's admin page e.g.