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Leaderboard variables
Variable Description
totalTotal, if the leaderboard has a goal e.g. {{ }}
display_nameName of leaderboard e.g. {{ leaderboard.display_name }}
time_range_nameTime period of leaderboard e.g. {{ leaderboard.time_range_name }}
goal_nameWhat's being calculated e.g. Amount of Political Capital, amount of numbers called in a phone bank, etc.
goal_name_shortAbbreviated name of what's being calculatede.g. "pc," "calls made," etc.
goalGoal total set in page's settings e.g. {{ leaderboard.goal }}
has_goal?Checks if a goal has been set for the page
e.g. {% if leaderboard.has_goal? %} -- see loop example in "total" variable above
has_met_goal?Checks if the goal has been met e.g. {% if leaderboard.has_met_goal? %}
percent_of_goalPercent of goal met e.g. {{ leaderboard.percent_of_goal }}
display_number_resultsNumber of leaderboard rankings being displayed e.g.
number_resultsTotal number of rankings e.g. {{ leaderboard.number_results }}
entriesArray of leaderboard_entry e.g.