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Settings variables
Variable Description
official_nameOfficial name for the organization e.g. {{ settings.official_name }}
organization_typeType of organization e.g. for_profit, nonprofit, federal_candidate, etc
has_address?Organization has an address e.g. for_profit, nonprofit, federal_candidate, etc
addressAddress object e.g. {{ settings.address.one_line }}
is_us? Is this a US based organization? e.g. {% if settings.is_us? %}{% endif %}
is_us_or_canada? Is the primary location of this nation in the US or Canada? e.g. {% if settings.is_us_or_canada? %}}{% endif %}
has_states? Does the country where this nation is based have states? e.g. {% if settings.has_states? %}{% endif %}
membership_types Array of the site's membership types {% for type in settings.membership_types %} … {% endfor %}
has_advanced_privacy?Checks if the nation has advanced privacy settings enabled e.g. {% if settings.has_advanced_privacy? %}
Overall nation stats
Variable Description
stats_updated_atDate/time of when these stats were last updated
people_count Total number of people in your nation, including supporters, non-supporters, and prospects
supporters_count Total number of supporters in your nation
volunteers_count Total number of volunteers
donors_count Total number of donors
fundraisers_count Total number of fundraisers
recruiters_count Total number of recruiters
voters_count Total number of voters
customers_count Total number of customers
members_count Total number of members
donations_amount_format Total amount of donations
donations_amount_to_raise_format Total of everyone's fundraising goals
donations_left_to_raise_amount_format Amount left to raise
capital_format Total amount of pc for the entire nation. 1120pc
capital_earned_format Total amount of pc earned by the entire nation. 1200pc
capital_spent_format Total amount of pc spent by the entire nation. 80pc
Election and Candidate variables
Variable Description
electionThe upcoming election settings e.g. {{ settings.election }}
candidate_namee.g. {{ settings.candidate_name }}
candidate_first_namee.g. {{ settings.candidate_first_name }}
candidate_last_namee.g. {{ settings.candidate_last_name }}
partyPolitical party (single letter) e.g. D, R, I
partiesAll political parties, both single letter code and full name. {% for party in parties %} {{party.code}} {% endfor %} (This will output all the party single letter codes)
office_nameName of the office sought e.g. Senator or Mayor
stateState running in e.g. CA
districtDistrict, if applicable e.g. 14
cityCity running in e.g. San Diego
countyCounty running in e.g. Humboldt
countryCountry running ine.g. United Kingdom