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Profile variables

These variables can be used to display information on ourĀ Public Profiles.

To display these variables, use the "profile." prefix instead of the usual "signup." prefix that would be used on signup variables and insert your code in either the "profiles_show.html" or "profiles_show_wide.html" (if your profiles do not have the sidebar enabled) templates.

It is also to display custom people fields on public profiles.

Variable Description
idprofile's NationBuilder ID e.g. 27382
usernameUser name e.g. jgilliam
first_nameFirst name of profile e.g. Jim
last_nameLast name of profile e.g. Gilliam
first_name_or_friendFirst name, or "Friend" if we don't have one e.g. Abe
full_name_or_friendFull name or "Friend" if we don't have one e.g. Abe Lincoln
published_namePublished full name of profile e.g. {{ profile.published_name }}
published_first_namePublished first name of profile e.g. {{ profile.published_first_name }}
published_last_namePublished last name of profile e.g. {{ profile.published_last_name }}
published_name_linkedPublished full name, linked to profile e.g. {{ profile.published_name_linked }}
published_first_name_linkedPublished first name, linked to profile e.g. {{ profile.published_first_name_linked }}
profile_typeprofile type: 0 is person, 1 is organization e.g. {% if profile.signup_type == 1 %}
is_person?Checks if the profile is a person e.g. {% if profile.is_person? %}
is_organization?Checks if the profile is an organization e.g. {% if profile.is_organization? %}
name_or_emailName or email of profiles e.g. {{ profile.name_or_email }}
emailEmail of profile e.g. [email protected]
emails_to_sentenceThe profiles emails as a sentence e.g. [email protected] and [email protected]
descriptionThe profile's background text e.g. Stephen is a web developer living in Los Angeles
born_at_chronicThe profile's date of birth e.g. {{ profile.born_at_chronic }}
sexThe profile's sex e.g. M
partyThe profile's political party e.g. D
previous_partyThe profile's previous political party e.g. D
demo_nameThe person's race e.g. Martian
tagsArray of tags for this person {% if request.sorta_logged_in? and request.current_profile.tags contains "fun" %}They have the "fun" tag{% endif %}
tag_listComma separated string of tags for this person
tag_list_sentenceThis person's tags as a sentence rain, cats, dogs, and umbrellas
submitted_addressAddress as submitted by them (not normalized at all) e.g. 555 figueroa st, los angeles
addressPrimary address of profile e.g. {{ profile.address.one_line }}
home_addressHome address of profile e.g. {{ profile.home_address.one_line }}
mailing_addressStreet address of profile e.g. {{ profile.mailing_address.one_line }}
registered_addressAddress they are registered to vote at (from Political Force) e.g. {{ profile.registered_address.one_line }}
work_addressWork address e.g. {{ profile.work_address.one_line }}
phone_numberPhone number of profile e.g. {{ profile.phone_number }}
work_phone_numberWork phone number of profile e.g. {{ profile.work_phone_number }}
mobile_numberMobile number of profile e.g. {{ profile.mobile_number }}
is_opted_in?Checks if profile is opted in e.g. {% if profile.is_opted_in? %}
is_supporter?Checks if profile is e.g. {% if profile.is_opted_in? %}
support_levelprofile support level, 1-5 e.g. {{ profile.support_level}}
support_level_prettyprofile support level wrapped in green/red background e.g. {{ profile.support_level_pretty | on_off_button_small }}
is_volunteer?Checks if the profile is a volunteer e.g. {% if profile.is_volunteer? %}
is_volunteer_prettyVolunteer status (includes staff/interns/etc) wrapped in green/red background e.g. {{ profile.is_volunteer_pretty | on_off_button_small }}
is_profile_searchable?Checks if profile is discoverable by search engines e.g. {% if profile.is_profile_searchable? %}
is_profile_published?Checks if profile is published on the site e.g. {% if profile.is_profile_published? %}
is_survey_question_private?Checks if survey question answers is set to private e.g. {% if profile.is_survey_question_private? %}
is_leaderboardable?Checks if they are included in leaderboards e.g. {% if profile.is_leaderboardable? %}
employer e.g. {{ profile.employer }}
occupation e.g. {{ profile.occupation }}
website e.g. {{ }}
bioBio, usually this is coming from Twitter e.g. {{ }}
has_website?Checks if profile has a website e.g. {% if profile.has_website? %}
has_bio?Checks if profile has a biography e.g. {% if profile.has_bio? %}
has_parent?Do they have a point person? e.g.
has_password?Do they have a password? e.g. {% if profile.has_password? %}{% endif %}
has_mobile?Do they have a cell phone? e.g. {% if profile.has_mobile? %}{% endif %}
has_phone?Do they have a phone? e.g. {% if profile.has_phone? %}{% endif %}
has_work_phone?Do they have a work phone? e.g. {% if profile.has_work_phone? %}{% endif %}
has_full_address?Do we have their full address? e.g. {% if profile.has_full_address? %}
has_donated?Have they donated? e.g. {% if profile.has_donated? %}
has_twitter_authorization?Have they connected their Twitter account? e.g. {% if profile.has_twitter_authorization? %}
has_facebook_authorization?Have they connected their Facebook account? e.g. {% if profile.has_facebook_authorization? %}
has_twitter_info?Is their Twitter account attached to their record? e.g. {% if has_twitter_info? %}
has_facebook_info?Is their Facebook account attached to their record? e.g. {% if profile.has_facebook_info? %}
has_name?Do they have a name? e.g. {% if profile.has_name? %}
has_email?Do they have an email address? e.g. {% if profile.has_email? %}
twitter_idTwitter ID, like 20830288 e.g. {{ profile.twitter_id }}
twitter_loginTwitter login, like @jgilliam e.g. {{ profile.twitter_login }}
twitter_profile_urlTwitter profile URL e.g. {{ profile.twitter_profile_url }}
facebook_profile_urlFacebook profile URL e.g. {{ profile.facebook_profile_url }}
facebook_profile_url_pathFacebook profile URL path /jgilliam e.g. {{ profile.facebook_profile_url_path }}
facebook_uidFacebook UID e.g. {{ profile.facebook_uid }}
linkedin_profile_urlLinkedIn profile URL e.g. {{ profile.linkedin_profile_url }}
rule_violations_countNumber of rule violations e.g. {{ profile.rule_violations_count }}
is_banned?Have they been banned? e.g. {{ profile.is_banned? }}
donations_amount_in_centsHow much they've donated in cents, so 2000 would be $20
donations_amount_formatHow much they've donated, but formatted like $20.00
donations_raised_amount_in_centsHow much money they've raised
donations_amount_this_cycle_in_centsHow much they've donated this cycle (only useful for political campaigns)
donations_raised_amount_this_cycle_in_centsHow much money they've raised this cycle (only useful for political campaigns)'
donations_pledged_amount_in_centsHow much they've pledged
donations_to_raise_amount_in_centsHow much they are supposed to raise (goal set in control panel)
donationsAn array of Donation objects
last_donationThe most recent donation
donations_countTotal number of donations by this person
maximum_donation_possible_this_periodThe maximum allowable amount for donations this period
maximum_donation_possible_this_cycleThe maximum allowable amount for donations this cycle
unfulfilled_pledgesAn array of unfulfilled Pledges
last_contactThe last contact made with this profile
revenue_amount_in_centsTotal amount of revenue from closed invoices in cents
revenue_amount_formatTotal amount of revenue from closed invoices in $xx.xx format
capital_amount_in_centsHow much political capital they have, in cents, so 2000 would be 20pc
capital_amount_formatHow much political capital they have, but formatted like 20pc
spent_capital_amount_in_centsHow much pc they've spent
received_capital_amount_in_centsHow much pc they've received
membership_level_idMembership level ID e.g. 1
membership_level_nameMembership level name e.g. VIP Member
has_membership_level_badgeDoes this membership level have a badge? e.g. true
membership_level_badgeShort badge text for the membership level e.g. VIP
membership_started_atDate and time the membership started {{ request.current_user.membership_started_at | date: '%B %d, %Y ' }}
membership_expires_atDate and time the membership will expire {{ request.current_user.membership_expires_at | date: '%B %d, %Y ' }}
has_auto_renewing_membership?Is this membership auto-renewing {{ request.current_user.has_auto_renewing_membership? }}
membership_next_bill_dateDate of next billing {{ request.current_user.membership_next_bill_date }}
is_intern?Checks if the profile has control panel access.
is_admin?Checks if the profile is an admin.
do_not_call?True if the user has opted out of phone calls. False otherwise.
do_not_contact?True if the user has opted out of contact. False otherwise.
has_assistant?True if the user has an assistant. False otherwise.
assistantReturns the profile object for this profile's assistant, if it exists.
relationshipsAn array of 100 relationships with other profiles e.g. {% for relationship in current_profile.relationships %}
followings_countNumber of people profile is following e.g. {{ profile.followings_count }}
followers_countNumber of followers e.g. {{ profile.followers_count }}
followers_supporters_countNumber of followers who are supporters e.g. {{ profile.followers_supporters_count }}
followers_volunteers_countNumber of followers who are volunteers/staffers/interns e.g. {{ profile.followers_volunteers_count }}
followers_donors_countNumber of followers who are donors e.g. {{ profile.followers_donors_count }}
followers_possible_voters_countNumber of followers who could vote e.g. {{ profile.followers_possible_voters_count }}
followers_possible_voters_with_unknown_countNumber of followers who could vote, or at least we don't know that they can't. e.g. {{ profile.followers_possible_voters_with_unknown_count }}
recruits_countNumber of people profile has recruited e.g. {{ profile.recruits_count }}
followings_from_facebookAn array of profile objects of their top 6 Facebook friends that are now following them
followings_count_from_facebookNumber of people following profile from Facebook (not the number of Facebook friends) e.g. {{ profile.followings_count_from_facebook }}
followings_from_twitterAn array of profile objects of 6 people they are following now as a result of following them on Twitter
followings_count_from_twitterNumber of people following profile from Twitter (not the number of Twitter followers) e.g. {{ profile.followings_count_from_twitter }}
followers_from_twitterAn array of profile objects of 6 people that are following this person as a result of following them on Twitter e.g.
followers_count_from_twitterNumber of people profile is following from Twitter e.g. {{ profile.followers_count_from_twitter }}
following_idsAll following ids e.g {{ profile.following_ids }}
recruit_idsAll recruit ids e.g {{ profile.recruit_ids }}
following_page_idsAll the ids of pages they are following
volunteers_typesAn array of volunteer_type objects, volunteer roles this person has signed up for
received_capital_amount_formatTotal pc earned by profile, formatted for display e.g 400pc
spent_capital_amount_formatTotal pc spent by profile, formatted for display e.g {{ profile.spent_capital_amount_format }}
capital_amount_formatpc balance of profile, formatted for display e.g {{ profile.capital_amount_format }}
received_capital_amount_in_centsReceived pc amount without a decimal. Useful in if statements e.g {% if profile.received_capital_amount_in_cents > 1000 %}
capital_amount_in_centspc balance amount without a decimal e.g {% if profile.capital_amount_in_cents > 1000 %}
capitalsPaginated array of capital objects for their political capital balance sheet
followersPaginated array of profile objects for everyone following this person.
followingsPaginated array of profile objects for everyone followed by this person
recruitsPaginated array of profile objects for everyone this person has recruited
activitiesPaginated array of activities objects for all this person's public activity, sorted by most recent
recruiting_activitiesPaginated array of activitiesobjects for all the recruiting oriented activities of this person, sorted by most recent
profile_imageProfile image of profile (48px) e.g {{ profile.profile_image }}
bigger_profile_imageBigger profile image of profile (72px) e.g {{ profile.bigger_profile_image }}
smaller_profile_imageSmaller profile image of profile (24px) e.g {{ profile.smaller_profile_image }}
profile_image_urlJust the URL of the profile image e.g
logout_urlURL to logout e.g {{ profile.logout_url }}
follow_urlURL to follow profile e.g {{ profile.follow_url }}
unfollow_urlURL to stop following profile e.g {{ profile.unfollow_url }}
profile_urlURL to profile's public profile e.g {{ profile.profile_url }}
full_profile_urlFull URL to profile's public profile e.g
admin_urlURL to profile's admin page e.g {{ profile.admin_url }}
settings_urlURL to profile's settings page e.g {{ profile.settings_url }}
precinct_codeThe numeric precinct code
precinct_nameThe alphanumeric precinct name
contact_historyReturns an array of contact Activity objects
custom_values_for_displayReturns an array of custom field values associated with the profile e.g {{ profile.custom_values_for_display['custom_field_slug'] }}
turnout_probability_scoreWith the Voter addon enabled, returns the profile's turnout probability score e.g {{ profile.turnout_probability_score }}
support_probability_scoreWith the Voter addon enabled, returns the profile's support probability score e.g {{ profile.support_probability_score }}