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Calendar page variables
Variable Description
event_type_nameIf this calendar is set to only show one type of event
e.g. {{ page.calendar.event_type_name }}
event_nameIs this an "event" or a "party", "rally", etc.
e.g. Please host a {{ page.calendar.event_name }}
show_map?Show map of all events
allow_user_submitted?Allow people to add their own events
user_submitted_event_type_nameNew user submitted events will be of this type
e.g. {{ page.calendar.event_type_name }}
is_proximity?Sort by distance (instead of by date)
eventsAll events, past and future e.g.
events_allAn unpaginated listing of all events, past and future. e.g.
events_mapPuts a Google map of all events, past and future
e.g. {{ page.calendar.events_map }}
events_nearbyAll nearby events, past and future e.g.
events_nearby_mapPuts a Google map of all nearby events, past and future
e.g. {{ page.calendar.events_nearby_map }}
events_nearby_countTotal # of all nearby events, past and future
e.g. There are {{ page.calendar.events_nearby_count }} events
events_upcomingUpcoming events e.g.
events_upcoming_mapPuts a Google map of upcoming events
e.g. {{ page.calendar.events_upcoming_map }}
events_upcoming_countTotal # of upcoming events
e.g. There are {{ page.calendar.events_upcoming_count }} events
events_upcoming_nearbyUpcoming events nearby (using proximity search) e.g.
events_upcoming_nearby_mapPuts a Google map of upcoming events nearby
e.g. {{ page.calendar.events_upcoming_nearby_map }}
events_upcoming_nearby_countTotal # of upcoming nearby events
e.g. {{ page.calendar.events_upcoming_nearby_count }}
events_upcoming_allA list of all upcoming events e.g.
events_pastPast events e.g.
events_past_mapPuts a Google map of past events
e.g. {{ page.calendar.events_past_map }}
events_past_countTotal # of past events
e.g. {{ page.calendar.events_past_count }}
events_past_allA list of all past events e.g.
contentIntro content
e.g. {{ page.calendar.content }}