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Create action-focused websites

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Fundraise & process donations in minutes

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Personalize outreach with social media insights

Visualize paths to turn supporters into advocates

Put people at the center

Dynamic profiles — Effortlessly capture contact info, actions taken on your site, and interactions with your team. See a complete history for every person, bringing your database to life.

Social matching — Link public social media profiles to email addresses in your database to identify and mobilize influential supporters.

Targeting — User tags, lists and filters help you track information about your supporters and send personalized communications crafted just for them.

Build a fully interactive, responsive site
focused on action

Built-in action pages — Create events, fundraising, recruitment, and signup pages in minutes, automatically syncing all entered information to your database with no coding required. Browse website themes.

Customizable themes — Build your website on a custom domain with modern, responsive website themes and hundreds of styles you can customize with HTML, Javascript, Liquid, CSS, and Dropbox integration.

Network of Architects — Tap into a community of certified NationBuilder experts to help design and develop your site. Browse NationBuilder Architects.

Move your supporters to action

Secure payments — Customize donation pages with built-in payment processing.

Full integration — Sync your website, people database, and communications tools to track all donation and engagement activity.

Easy recruiting — Optimize pages for peer-to-peer outreach with social prompts, and recruiter links.

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Marisa Garcia, Digital Marketer at Move LA, says, “NationBuilder has definitely made things easier. The ability to put tags on people, and create lists, target, and create websites—I could easily go and do that without having to get help from anybody else. It's allowed us to do things quickly without having to have a third party involved, and it’s really helped streamline the work that I do.”

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“When we approached this website,” says April Wright of One Love, “we knew we wanted to be able to properly message, pull data, be able to identify trends, see what’s happening naturally on social media, then be able to leverage those things. NationBuilder gives you a baseline of all the components you need to build a brand, build a movement.”

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Andy Millard chose NationBuilder early on because it was “cheaper, more effective, and more complete” than the alternatives; moreover, he thought its “technology just seemed to be several generations ahead” of the party’s first choice.

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