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Paid membership page level variables
Variable Description
membership_level_nameName of the membership level e.g. VIP Member
has_membership_level_badgeDoes this membership level have a badge? e.g. true
membership_level_badgeShort badge text for the membership level e.g. VIP
descriptionDescription of the membership level e.g. The best deal of them all!
amountCost of this membership level option e.g. 10.00
num_time_periodsThe number of days/weeks/months/years this membership is good for. e.g. 2
time_period_typeThe time period for this membership e.g. Weeks or Months
purchase_urlThe url for purchasing this membership e.g. {{ membership_option.purchase_url }}
auto_renew?Does this membership option renew automatically? e.g. {{ membership_option.auto_renew? }}